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Everyday lifeʼs rhythms can greatly influence human psychology. They lead to stress, emotional struggle, tension, fatigue, even psychological breakdown.

Imagine how beneficial it would be if there was a place where one could leave all their worries behind, in order to relax physically, renew their external looks and feel uplifted, both psychologically as well as mentally!

Bearing that in mind, “NOUFARO"- Health, Beauty and Alternative Healing Modalities Studio was created. An oasis where relaxation and wellness reside!

For Health & Wellness (Alternative Healing Modalities)
Reiki sessions
Theta Healing® sessions
Aromatherapy sessions

or Beauty
Face care treatments
Body care treatments
Mani-Pedi treatments

or Self-Development
Usui Reiki seminars
Workshops on self-development
ThetaHealing® sessions

All of the above are meant to cover some of the most important human needs.

In Greek, NOUFARO means “Water-lily”. Inside everyone exists a beautiful flower...a hidden treasure...a water-lily, waiting to flourish and emerge, despite lifeʼs difficulties, challenges and struggles...Let your personal water-lily be revealed by visiting “NOUFARO- Health and Beauty Studio”!


When beauty meets high technology, professional treatment and pleasure!

All GERnétic products are the result of many yearsʼ research in molecular biology. They are consisted of plants, vitamins, amino-acids, proteins, essential oils and      marine extracts, taken from the oceansʼ depths.  In other words, they are 100%        naturally based, which can guarantee optimum results without causing allergies.

Providing specialised, substantial and high quality services, while meeting the      clientʼs demands, is GERnéticʼs main goal...as well as every aestheticianʼs, while      using its products!

GERnétic INTERNATIONAL offers a wide range of products to cover the needs of your face, body, bust and hands. No matter what those needs are, rest assured that you will find the best and most suitable product for your skin in GERnétic:  the best cocktail of ingredients to boost your health and elevate your beauty!

Welcome to a new world where beauty is combined with high technology,                   professional treatment and pleasure!



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