Q: What is Usui Reiki?

A: Usui Reiki is an alternative energy healing method of Japanese origin. The energy that this method uses is the Universal Energy, which is transmitted with the touch of the practitionerʼs hands. It brings relaxation, mental clarity and invigoration. It also reduces stress and helps positive     emotions to flourish, thus boosting oneʼs mental and physical health.

Usui Reiki is well-known globally. It is offered to patients in both American and British hospitals and clinics. Nowadays it seems that more and more physicians and            psychologists are been trained to use it on their patients / clients...more 

Q: How can Usui Reiki help me?

A: Usui Reiki can help boost oneʼs self-healing abilities. It is also very beneficial in         sentimental, psychological and mental issues, as well as physical ones. For instance, stress, anxiety, muscular pains and strains can be reduced after an Usui Reiki session. It also decreases the side-effects of drugs taken for an illness and speeds up a          patientʼs recovery after surgery...more 

Q: How can Usui Reiki be offered?

A: Usui Reiki can be put into practice in two ways: as a session and as a training.

Reiki offered during a session:

After a Reiki session the recipent usually feels calm, relaxed, invigorated and cheerful.

In case the recipient suffers from a chronic pain, then more time and a number of        sessions are needed for positive results to show. In extremely serious problems, it is  imperative for the recipient to combine Usui Reiki with conventional healing methods such as precribed medication from a physician or surgery...more 

Reiki as a training

By attending seminars, one can be trained to offer Reiki to themselves, their family members, their closest friends, even their pets! They can even offer it on a                   professional level (by, either offering Reiki sessions or training others)...more 

Q: What happens during an Usui Reiki session?

A: The recipient is fully dressed and lies on a massage table.

The practioner places his/her hands gently over the recipientʼs body, in certain areas, channeling the energy. Some of these areas are: the head, the back, the abdomen. However, the practioner can channel Reiki on other areas as well, where pain and      discomfort exist. A complete session lasts 60ʼ – 75ʼ.

A traditional Usui Reiki session is offered without the use of essential oils or crystals because this method stands on its own and is absolutely effective that way!

Q: How do I feel during an Usui Reiki session?

A: While receiving this energy, you might feel it as a wave of warmth or chill, tickling or numbness, even as a deep feeling of calmness or joy. But even if you cannot feel      anything at all, there is no need to worry: Reiki is equally effective!

Q: Who can benefit from an Usui Reiki session?

A: Anyone! Be it children teenagers, adults, even animals! Regardless of age, sex,      religion, philosophy or dogma, anyone can benefit from this energy.

As a matter of fact, animals, being more sensitive to energy, accept Reiki happily and with greater ease than people usually do! An Animal Reiki session usually lasts about 30ʼ. 

Note: Animal Reiki sessions can take place either on a one-on-one meeting or from a distance. They must, however, be previously scheduled in order to establish where they will take place. 

Q: Is Usui Reiki a relegion? Do I have to change my religion in order to be offered an Usui Reiki session or attend one of its seminars?

A: No! Reiki is not a religion, nor is it related to one. It is the Universal energy. You can be offered Usui Reiki sessions or attend its seminars and still believe in whatever       religion you wish!

Q: What is a lineage? Why is it so important to Usui Reiki?

A: A lineage is the line of teaching that the teacher has been trained in, similar to a family tree, mentioning every teacher before him, which leads back to Mikao Usui. It is given ONLY to Reiki Master-Teachers. They are the only ones properly and fully trained to work with other people on a professional level.           

The practitioner, in order to be able to work effectively with Reiki, has to be trained by a teacher with a lineage.      

Therefore it is suggested that whoever wants to receive Reiki therapies, he/she should choose a practitioner who has a lineage. In this way he/she can be sure that by            receiving Reiki, he/she can get the best possible results from it.

Q: How often can I take an Usui Reiki session and how much does each one cost?

A: The frequency and the number of Reiki sessions depend upon the problem you have. In serious problems it is recommended that sessions take place within a short period of time. Afterwards, they can be given once or twice a week, even once a month.

The cost of a Reiki session depends upon the practitionerʼs experience, the training he has taken and the location where it  will be given.

Q: What is Karuna Reiki® and Lightarian™ Reiki and how are they different from Usui Reiki?

A: Karuna Reiki® and Lightarian™ Reiki are two other Reiki systems. As alternative healing methods, they complement and boost Usui Reiki. Energetically they are more powerful, bringing quicker results to a number of problems. In order, though, for one to be trained and work with Karuna Reiki®, they first have to be trained to become Reiki Master-Teachers. In  Lightarian™ Reiki one can be trained long after their Karuna Reiki®  training.


- Usui Reiki is a very gentle, yet quite powerful method that can help enormously in several problems. Nevertheless, it does not substitute or replace the usual and         recommended treatment given by a physician, psychiatrist or chemist. It can,           however, complement all of  the above or another alternative energy healing modality, helping oneʼs health to improve and balance.

- A Reiki practitioner should not diagnose or suggest any kind of medicine to the           recipient.                                                                                                                         



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