What happens during a ThetaHealing® session

A ThetaHealing® session usually lasts 60ʼ – 75ʼ. You are fully aware and awake during  the whole session. Both you and the practitioner, during a 3-minute meditation done by the latter, enter the Theta state of mind. Then you mention to the practitioner the issue at hand and he/she, by using a series of questions and techniques, tries to discover the core belief(s) that creates that issue. By using the appropriate tools and techniques, he/she removes the          belief(s) from your subconcious mind and replaces it (them) with new, positive one(s), reinforcing you sentimentally. By completing the session you feel relaxed and               rejuvenated.

This is an energy healing session and it is quick, helping you realise, even within the next few days or weeks, minor or major positive changes in your behaviour, in your state of mind and the way you cope with lifeʼs challenges.


All ThetaHealing® sessions can be done both in Greek, as well as in English. They can also take place either on a one-on-one meeting or from a distance (via Skype, over  the phone or via Fb Messenger). Since the ThetaHealing® technique is based on the laws of  Quantum Physics, it is not limited by time or space. Therefore, a     session from a distance can be as effective as the one done one-on-one.


-Although the Theta Healing® technique can help you enormously holistically, it does not substitute or replace your usual and recommended treatment given by your physician, your psychiatrist or your chemist.

It can, however, complement all of the above or another alternative energy healing modality in a very gentle, yet effective way.




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