Usui Reiki

What is Usui Reiki?

Usui Reiki is an alternative energy healing modality of Japanese origin. In this
modality the practitioner uses his/her hands to channel the Universal energy, in order to bring about multiple beneficial results to oneʼs body and mind. It offers relaxation, physical, emotional and mental well-being and strengthening. Furthermore, it offers reguvenation, stress reduction and cultivation of positive emotions. In a nutshell, it provides everything that enhances oneʼs mental and physical health. This modalityʼs father was Mikao Usui.

Usui Reiki is widely known globally. It is offered to patients in both American and British hospitals and clinics. Nowadays it seems that more and more physicians and psychologists are been trained to use it on their patients / clients. There have been many scientific researches on the area verifying what is already known to all those people who have taken it: that this energy enhances and improves the overall          well-being of its recipients!

How does Usui Reiki work?

Usui Reiki is being channelled, through the practionerʼs hands, to the recipientʼs body, affecting his/her energy field, thus helping him/her restore possible energy               blockages.This channelled energy is the pure Universal energy. That is why the           practitioner does not transfer his/ her own energy, so he/she does not feel tired. On the contrary: due to the fact that he/she acts as a conduit, he/she feels just like the   recipient does: feelings of relief, delight and well-being!

The person receiving this energy can feel it as a wave of warmth or chill, tickling or numbness, even as a deep feeling of calmness or joy. But even if he/she will not feel anything at all, there is no need to worry: Reiki still remains effective!

Reiki can, by no means, harm the practitioner or the recipient. It has no side-effects,
nor does it work by autosuggestion. One can say that this energy has its own
“intelligence” and is headed towards that part of the body where there is great need for healing or relief, always aiming to the recipientʼs Highest and best interest.

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