How the ThetaHealing® Technique works

The ThetaHealing® technique is based on a specific            meditation that focuses on oneʼs personal development, as well as their physical and emotional well-being. It took its name from the Theta brain waves that exist when oneʼs brain is in a deep relaxation state.

The human brain, during the day, depending on what it does, functions in different brain waves. There are 5 brain waves. Εach one of them emits in different frequencies. These are: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta .

In the ThetaHealing® technique a specific 3-minute meditation is used by the practitioner, in order for his/her brain, as well as the clientʼs, to enter that Theta state.  In this way they connect with the Higher Intelligence that exists within all and permeates all Existence. Various names have been given for this Intelligence: Creator of All That Is, Universe, Unconditional Love. It can be named however one chooses to. It is not some form of entity; it is the energy of Unconditional Love.

As soon as that Theta state is achieved, the practiotioner, by using a number of     techniques, enters the clientʼs subconscious mind. That is the place where beliefs    reside and thoughts are created. All non-beneficial beliefs are changed by the         practitioner and are replaced with new, positive ones.

Everything happens while both the practitioner, as well as the client, are in a conscious state of mind (i.e being fully awake).

Why does the ThetaHealing® technique work with the subconscious mind

According to Freud, the human “psyche” is divided into two parts: the conscious and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is fully functional in the usual state of alertness: for example, when we interact with other people, when we do calculations, when we repair our cars.

Everytime, though, we read a good novel, we meditate, we get carried away by the crowd or we panic, another part of ourselves takes charge; the subconscious mind. That is our deepest and most unknown part of ourselves.

The subconscious mind is, in fact, the place where our instincts, impulses, emotions, fantasy, memory, thoughts, habits (good and bad), fears and intuition reside. It also controls the autonomous nervous systemʼs functions (such as our breathing and our heartʼs function). Every major change happening on a personal level, be it therapeutic or not, occurs because there has already been some kind of change in the                 subconscious mind. The latter always influences the way the conscious mind works. Every strange and inexplicable behaviour we express is due to the subconscious mindʼs    influence. In reality, our subconscious mind controls our life by 90%, whereas our  conscious mind (i.e our logic) influences it by 10%.

Unfortunately if we use our logic we cannot access our subconsious mind in order to change whatever non-beneficial exists there, because the conscious mind does not know how to do it. Therefore, if we realise that we do not know what is hidden there and since it does influence our life by 90%, we realise that we are in “danger” (so to speak), because, at the end of the day, we do not have any control of our life               whatsoever!

Now, we know for a fact that beliefs create thoughts...which create emotions...which lead to actions. That said, if the existing beliefs in our subconscious mind are            negative, inevitably they will create negative thoughts and feelings. Those will         consequently block every aspect of our life. The same thing applies to our positive thoughts: positive beliefs = positive thoughts = positive emotions = positive life          experiences.

Therefore, through the ThetaHealing® technique, the practitioner can directly connect to the clientʼs subconscious mind, so as with the latterʼs help, every limiting belief that exists (regarding a specific issue) will be found.

The ThetaHealing® technique can benefit someone, even in existing health issues. That is  because nowadays it is scientifically proven that many physical health ailments are closely related to negative beliefs, thoughts and emotional state of mind. After all, the phrase “psychosomatic illnesses” is widely known and accepted!

Issues where the ThetaHealing® technique can be applied and be helpful

The ThetaHealing® is an energy healing technique and can help in almost every issue, such as:

- Spiritual development and Self-Awareness

- Emotional development: How to understand the mindʼs patterns of positive  and      negative thoughts and feelings

- Relationships: How can harmony be achieved in any kind of relationship

- Creativity: elimination of every possible obstacle that blocks oneʼs creativity, so that it can be expressed through occupations aligned with oneʼs soul

- Health issues: understanding the specific causes behind an ailment and how they can be treated

- Life Purpose: discovery of oneʼs Life Purpose and guidance, so that it can be found and achieved

- Negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions
- Relationship issues (i.e personal, professional, family)
- Commitment issues
- Stress
- Anxiety
- Allergies
- Self-confidence issues
- Self-respect issues
- Jealousy
- Resentment
- Grief
- Anger
- Rejection
- Hatred
- Harassment (i.e physical, emotional, mental, sexual)
- Depression
- Melancholy
- Loneliness
- Chagrin
- Mourning
- Giult
- Phobias
- Fears
- Panic attacks
- Excess weight
- Smoking
- Obsessions
- Psychosomatic issues
- Career issues
- Financial issues
- Issues regarding abundance


-Although the ThetaHealing® technique can help you enormously in all the above issues, it does not substitute or replace your usual and recommended treatment given by your physician, your psychiatrist or your chemist. It can, however, complement all of the above or another alternative energy healing modality in a very gentle, yet effective way. 



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