Usui Reiki sessions


What happens during an Usui Reiki session

The recipient lies down on a massage table wearing all of his/her clothes.

The Reiki practitioner puts his/her hands on or over the recipientʼs body, giving energy to specific areas, such as the head, the back, the abdomen, or wherever there is          discomfort or pain. A complete session lasts 60ʼ-75ʼ.

Essential oils or crystals are not used during an Usui Reiki session, because this method stands on its own and is absolutely effective!

Who can benefit from an Usui Reiki session

Everyone! Regardless of age, sex, religion, philosophy or dogma, anyone can benefit from this method. Even animals can benefit from a Reiki session!

As a matter of fact, animals being more sensitive to energy, accept Reiki happily and with greater ease than people usually do! An Animal Reiki session usually lasts about 30ʼ.

Note: Animal Reiki sessions can take place either on a one-on-one meeting or from a distance. They must, however, be previously scheduled in order to establish where they will take place.

In which cases can Usui Reiki help

Reiki promotes the bodyʼs self-healing abilities and mechanisms. More specifically:

Many hospitals and clinics in the U.S.A, Great Britain and Germany have incorporated Usui Reiki as part of their services to help their patients, including those suffering from cancer. More specifically, Reiki helps them speed up their recovery after surgery or reduces side-effects of drugs.

How often can Usui Reiki be applied

A typical cycle of sessions is the following:

The above suggested cycle can be altered according to the issue at hand needing therapy.

The following links show how Usui Reiki is applied in famous hospitals in the U.S.A and Great Britain:


-Usui Reiki is a very gentle, yet quite powerful method that can help  enormously.      Nevertheless, it does not substitute or replace the usual and recommended
treatment given by a physician, psychiatrist or chemist.
It can, however, complement all of  the above or another alternative energy healing modality, helping oneʼs health to improve and balance, in a very gentle, yet effective way.

- A Reiki practitioner should not diagnose or suggest any kind of medicine to the       recipient.

Printed in 04/12/2022
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