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Q: What is Aromatherapy?

A: Aromatherapy is an alternative method of treatment that uses pure essential oils. They are extracted from the plantʼs roots, leaves, stems, flowers or fruits. Essential oils help the human body to be balanced. They also boost its natural defence, thus promoting euphoria and mental clarity.

Q: How can essential oils be used?

A: Essential oils have an indirect effect on the body and are used in the following ways:

Aromatherapy can be applied on its own or combined with other products during      facials or bodycare treatments.

Usually an aromatherapy session is done during a massage treatment and can last from 10ʼ – 60ʼ.

Q: Can I apply essential oils directly on my skin?

Α: Most essential oils should not be applied undiluted on your skin (except for        lavender oil, tea tree oil and rose oil). Before applying them on your skin, you should    dilute them in a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil or jojoba oil.

A certified aromatherapist can inform you about essential oils and how many drops of each can be used for a specific issue.

Although essential oils are natural products (at least those used by professional     aromatherapists), they still have contra-indications. This is why they should be used     carefully by those not adequately trained. Avoid using them uncontrollably.

Q: Can I use essential oils internally?

A: No. Essential oils are used only externally. Being highly concentrated substances, they are toxic to internal membranes.

Q: Can I use essential oils during pregnancy?

A: Most essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy. For futher information you should get advice from a certidied aromatherapist.

Q: When can essential oils be used?

A: They can be used in many cases such as:

Q: How often can I take an Aromatherapy session and how much does each one cost?

A: You can apply Aromatherapy whenever you like or feel the need to. There are no limitations. You can have an aromatherapy massage 2-3 times a week, while using in other ways essential oils at your home (e.x with a diffuser or by inhaling them). A     certified aromatherapist can inform you more about essential oils and how you can use them in your case.

The cost of an Aromatherapy session depends on its duration and the                             aromatherapistʼs experience.

Printed in 30/05/2024
From the web page NOUFARO Health, Beauty and Alternative Treatment Modalities Studio